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The animations on this page represent sample animations created during all phases of production of the movies.
The format will change as more animations and models become available with a single flash container managing all the animations for all the models.

02/21/08 - updated 03/03/08

Hip Replacement:

The designers at LEGO needed to make their AT-ST stable, but it doesn't work well walking. The range of motion isn't there for smooth motion - so I reworked the design and added a hip joint on both legs.

I have a little more work on rigging and then this thing will be walking!

02/21/08 - updated 03/03/08

Assembly Animation:

When I first started this animation, I thought it would be simple enough. I was wrong and it took a little longer than I expected - but I think it was worth it.

I'm going to combine all the movies to one flash interface soon. There are a ton of issues with playback, sound (sorry about that) and general bulk that doesn't need to be there.

02/06/08 - updated 03/03/2008

Overview Animation:

The LEGO Star Wars AT-ST model seen here was created by modeling each individual unique LEGO brick using instructions from the LEGO set.

There are 80 distinct brick types and 239 bricks used to make the 3D model.

The original plan was to have it walk, but after working with it for a while now, I've come to realize that I'll have to re-engineer one part to add a joint so that it can move effectively.


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