New Model Started:

Its not in the same movie as the AT-ST, but its going to be in my movie and Jimmy will be flying it.

I'm still trying to find a Tie Fighter kit and I hope that LEGO makes one available in the near future


Site Update and New Pages

I've continued working on getting the site fleshed out and now have a new banner menu bar and links at the bottom of the page. Also I added an image, "Stomp", on the image page.

I'd like to continue with the 3D but if I don't take care of this now its only going to get worse later. I also have to make the dynamic flash container for the movies so I don't have to have a long list of animation links on the animation page.

There will probably be one more menu bar item that I'll add later -- "Models". I'm just not sure how I'll handle that yet.

New image version uploaded.


LEGO AT-ST Hip Replacement Animation
Hip Surgery:

The designers at LEGO needed to make their AT-ST stable, but it doesn't work well walking. The range of motion isn't there for smooth motion - so I reworked the design and added a hip joint for each leg.

Click here or the image to link to the movie

02/19/08 - Animation updated 02/21/08

Site Design:

Flash is going to be used for everything I can on this site which will include 5 or more separate pages and I've even set up a new email address just for this project. Click it at the right to send me a note about what you think or if you have any suggestions or ideas for future LEGO Star Wars things.


This email will change when I start getting a ton of spam......

LEGO AT-ST Hip Replacement Animation
Assembly Animation:

When I first started this animation, I thought it would be simple enough. I was wrong and it took a little longer than I expected - but I think it was worth it.

Click here or the image to link to the movie

02/06/08 - updated 03/03/2008

The Background:

I'm blaming all of this on my wife. One day she asked if I wanted anything from town while she was out for a day of shopping. I said surprise me with something fun for our new Nintendo Wii, thinking she'd not manage to get anything at all or if she did it would be something for Jimmy. So I was quite surprised when she brought home the Lego Star Wars game. It has to be one of the most entertaining video games I've ever played.

As a kid back in the dark ages, I loved LEGO. The game only made me want to play with it again - so I went out and bought a couple sets. Now I have a few more, a 3D model of the AT-ST and ambitious plans for the future

The Plan:

I think of this as a continuation of the Jimmy/Jake Movies, only with special effects, much more post production and probably several movies and extra animations along the way. In the end this is all for Jimmy and Jake, something they'll be able to look back at and enjoy, but for now we get to have some fun and learn a few things at the same time.

I have a movie in mind using live action and 3D animation (the Lego AT-STs) that I'll start shooting in the near future. But first I have to get the model rigged and walking convincingly. The nice thing about using LEGO is I'll be able to make more sets easily reusing pieces from old ones and only modeling new ones as needed. My current plans have a Naboo Fighter, Tie Fighter and several figures making their way to 3D.


If you don't have the game, you're missing out on something great.

Overview Animation:

The LEGO Star Wars AT-ST model seen here was created by modeling each individual unique LEGO brick using instructions from the LEGO set.

There are 80 distinct brick types and 239 bricks used to make the 3D model.

The original plan was to have it walk, but after working with it for a while now, I've come to realize that I'll have to re-engineer one part to add a joint so that it can move effectively.


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